10 Things You Need To Know About Puck From “Glee,” Now That He’s Going Solo

Mark Salling should look familiar. He plays the dreamy, Sinatra-crooning bad boy Puck on “Glee.” He also is one of the first of the “Glee” gang to announce that he is releasing a solo album. Matthew Morrison, aka Mr. Schuester, has already started to work on his album this summer. But Salling seems like he’s been raring to go for a while now. His album, Pipe Dreams, will drop on October 12 and is a combination of Mark’s favorite music that he wrote over the past few years. [MSN]

Now that Salling is dedicated to bringing his sex appeal to the world beyond “Glee,” it’s time to get to know him a little better.

  1. This is not Salling’s first album. Before he made it big with “Glee,” Mark released a record under the moniker Jericho called Smoke Signals. So you can grab a copy to know what to expect from his sophomore release. [Mark Salling Music]
  2. Though Puck is kind of a dolt, Salling is all-knowing in the ways of music. Mark knows how to play bass, drums, guitar, and piano. [Mark Salling Music]
  3. Mark also knows how to play the field. This cutie has been linked to co-star Naya Rivera, S.C. Johnson heiress Samantha Marq, and even “Bachleor” winner and hamball Vienna Girardi. [CNN]
  4. Salling says that even though he is 27, it hasn’t been too hard for him to play a high schooler. But he was worried that he might not land the part of Puck because of his age, so he lied and told producers he was 19. Apparently, he had enough of a baby face to pull it off, though everyone knows the truth now. [Campus Talk]
  5. It is a good thing that Salling landed the role on “Glee,” because he was running out of money trying to make it big in Los Angeles. If he didn’t get the role, all his stuff was already packed to move back to his hometown, Dallas. Good thing for everyone, except maybe the people of Texas, that things worked out. [Campus Talk]
  6. While music was always Salling’s main passion, he also dabbled in acting before he made the move to California. His pre-“Glee” performances include such gems as a part in “Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering” and a guest role on “Walker, Texas Ranger.” We hope Chuck Norris jokes were exchanged. [Mark Salling Music]
  7. The most romantic thing Salling has ever done is take a a girl to the park where he had rocks arranged in the shape of a heart waiting for her. I rate the gesture a “meh” on a scale of “You have to be joking” to “Let’s get married now!” [TV Chick]
  8. Mark’s secret talent is his knowledge of ornithology, or the study of birds. He can identify almost every bird native to North America. I wouldn’t call it cuckoo, but it wasn’t a talent I was expecting. [Savvy]
  9. Along with being a bird lover, Mark is a dog person. He has a Blue Heeler name “Hank,” who is known to get all the leftovers from his swanky Hollywood dinners. [Mark Salling Music]
  10. Salling’s first single from Pipe Dreams is ready for a listen. Check it out here.