Who Is Your Flashback Ex?

Clutch mag introduced me to the phrase “flashback ex” with just a headline, and I was immediately brought back to the makeup sex an ex and I once had. But as I read the Clutch article, hoping for juicy tidbits on someone else’s sex memories, I quickly realized the writer was recounting all the miserable experiences she’s had with ex-boyfriends. Now, I’ve been accused of having a pessimistic outlook at times and can be quite cynical, but I think the purpose of an ex who doesn’t remain a friend is to learn and move on. Why would I want to have negative flashbacks of that person? Instead, I’d rather think about my true flashback ex, the one who gave me the sexual encounter that a year and some change later still gets me hot and bothered.

I remember it like it was last night. For some reason, I was the only friend who would help my ex pack his stuff to move. After cleaning out two large closets, I went to lie down on his bed. I was spent and decided I was done packing. Then, he came to lie next to me. We kissed. He got on top of me. We took off our clothes in between kisses. And next thing I knew, we were having beautiful, primal, sensual loving. I haven’t gone into all the juicy details because this is my memory and I’m sure you have your own. Who is your flashback ex?