These People Know How to Quit A Job With Flair

In today’s economy, you hear more about people looking for jobs than leaving them. But that doesn’t mean the world still isn’t full of disgruntled workers who decide it’s better to drop their job then deal with the daily torment. While most people’s resignations involve a two weeks notice and a quiet exit, there are a few who decide to turn their leaving into a memorable event. We are talking Jerry Maguire — walking out with a fish and Renee Zellweger — kind of productions here. Two happened just this week.Yesterday, Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater caused quite a ruckus and, umm, a police chase when he decided that the emergency exit would be the best way to de-board the plan and say sayonara to his job. After Slater’s flight landed at New York’s JFK airport, the flight attendant came on the loud speaker announcing, “To the passenger who called me a motherf**er, f**k you. I’ve been in the business 28 years. I’ve had it. That’s it.” Slater then gathered his belongings along with two beers to unwind and made a break for it through the plane’s emergency exit chute. He was able to get to the parking garage from the tarmac, but was eventually arrested by police at his Queens home. The whole incident was apparently set off by a passenger trying to get their bag out of the overhead compartment before the plane landed. [Gothamist]

But this escape via chute shouldn’t get all the attention.

Fellow upset worker Jenny finally decided to leave the firm where she was employed as an assistant after hearing her boss call her a HOPA or a “Hot Piece of Ass.” How do we know about the boss’ inappropriate blabber mouth? Because Jenny shared this fun fact about her boss and several others through a series of photos—one of the 33 is above—that she emailed to 20 co-workers regarding her resignation. In these emails, Jenny poses with a white board where she delivers her reasons for leaving and airs her boss Spencer’s dirty secrets, including that he spends at least 19 hours a week playing Farmville at work. While Jenny admits she does not have another job set up, she may have a place as the next internet sensation. [The Chive]