The Worst “Come Up To My Place” Excuses Ever

It never ceases to amaze me what great lengths human beings will go to when trying to get a person up to their place for a possible post-date makeout session. The logical thing would be to say something straightforward like, “Let’s go back to my place and rock each other’s worlds for hours and hours.” Instead we come up with these far-fetched and implausible excuses like, “Hey, wanna look at my plants?” I know … not my finest moment. But he said yes. Of course. After the jump, some of the most ridiculous “come up to my place” excuses we’ve ever heard … or told. Please share yours in the comments.

“I have a box of tampons my ex left in the bathroom if you need one.” Uh, not sexy.

“Hey, there was a fire next door to my building. You should come up to my roof to see the damage.” It worked!

“Come on up. I’ll burn you that CD I was telling you about … ” Yeah. Right.

I once told a guy that I had needle and thread upstairs to sew on his button that had fallen off. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never sewn anything in my life. What a bunch of crap!

I’ve had dudes conveniently leave their bags in my place which guaranteed at the very least an awkward doorside makeout sesh.

A guy once invited me up for a game of Scrabble. We never really got around to playing. But he got major bonus points for excuse creativity.

I’ve tried to get a guy back to my place after hooking up once before by reminding him that he left his contact lenses at my place. Of course, if he really wanted them back, he would have used that excuse himself.

Alright, share ‘em Frisky readers!

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