Crying, Dancing & Shopping, Oh My! The 8 Girliest Film Scenes Ever

bridget jones 080910 m jpg
What makes a movie, or a movie scene, macho or girlie? Our friends at Salon made a list of the 10 most macho movie moments, and the list is full of blood, guts, and gore. Included on their oh-so-manly list? Sylvester Stallone’s self-administered surgery in “Rambo” and Clint Eastwood’s stone-cold swagger in “A Fistful of Dollars.”

In honor of their masculine movie picks, we’ve chosen some of the girliest on-screen moments. Get ready for crying, shoe-shopping, and dancing around in your underwear, ladies!

Here, Bridget in “Bridget Jones’s Diary” gets drunk and sings along to “All By Myself” — not that we’ve ever done anything like that, of course.


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