Taylor Jacobson Defends Herself Against Rachel Zoe’s Accusations

We’ve known for a while that Rachel Zoe’s former protégée, Taylor Jacobson, was leaving “The Rachel Zoe Project.” But until the first episode aired we had no idea why. Was anyone as shocked as I was that Rach and Rodge fired her, implying that Tay-Tay stole from them? Does she have a bad attitude? Sure. Does she seem like a thief? Not really.
Rachel spent most of the first episode being melodramatic about the Taylor firing, saying things like, “I have a wounded heart and a wounded soul.” I’m totally shutting that crap down. It seemed like such a performance. Also, it didn’t seem fair that Rachel would publicly smear her name without giving Taylor the chance to defend herself. So I was relieved to see an interview Taylor did with Entertainment Weekly explaining her side of the drama.

So what does Taylor have to say about the accusations that she stole samples (or more) from camp Zoe?

“I am friends with PR people. Why would I steal samples?” she says. “And I am a 34-D! I’m not a sample size at all … It is just so bizarre.” Taylor goes on to defend herself against what she’s calling a high school-style “s**t-talking campaign” to boost ratings. “There are always two sides to a story. Whatever happened happened between closed doors was definitely not that way … At this point, to me, it doesn’t make a difference because I can’t get into a back-and-forth fight. You know what—go around and say whatever you want. In the end, the truth comes out, and slow and steady wins the race.”

For now Taylor is working hard and trying to stay out of the drama, and says she’s having a lot of success both as a designer and stylist. [EW]

Do you believe Taylor stole from Rachel Zoe? Or do you think this sounds like bull? I’m officially on Team Taylor.