Tasting Tofu At The Altar — Should Vegans Serve Meat At Their Weddings?

To meat or not to meat – it’s a question that vegans and vegetarians getting married have to consider when planning their weddings. And it’s a debate that was recently reignited by vegan Chelsea Clinton’s marriage to Marc Mezvinsky.

Chelsea – who is also allergic to gluten (ouch!) – had a mostly vegan wedding, but provided beef for her meat-grazing guests. But some vegans and veggies say that they shouldn’t have to cater to carnivores on their special day.It’s a dilemma at the root of many wedding conversations – is a wedding about the couple, or about the guests celebrating the couple?

In a recent New York Times article, vegan bride Cecilia Kinzie said asking her to have beef and chicken at her wedding would be like asking a Chinese bride to serve barbecue. “If you go to an Indian wedding, you don’t expect Italian food. So why should this be any different?” she said. She and her husband opted not to make any concessions for their guests and served a vegetarian menu at their wedding.

What do you think? Should vegans and vegetarians bend their principles to please their guests? Or should guests at veggie weddings learn to go with the “rabbit food” flow? [New York Times]