Beauty Test Drive: Ginger + Liz Colour Collection Nail Polish

I hadn’t really given much thought to vegan and organic nail polish, except to assume that the lacquer probably chips really quickly. All those chemicals traditional polishes contain must be necessary for a reason, right? Boy, was I wrong! I’d been hearing buzz about Ginger + Liz vegan and organic nail polishes for about a year but hadn’t had the opportunity to try any of the lacquers until this summer. I instantly fell in love with Goin’ Back to Cali, a neon pink that’s more melon-y than bubble gum-y. All the Ginger + Liz polishes are super pigmented, whether it’s a bright, pastel, metallic, or deep color. And as for chips, I’ve been wearing Cali for a few days and don’t have one single sliver of a chip. My manicure looks as good as it did when I left the nail salon. Another color I’m loving is Show Off, an orange-red neon, but I’ve also witnessed a pleasant reaction to Boy Toy, a mixture of robin’s egg blue and aquamarine. And I’m anxious to try Blowin’ Money Fast, a dark metallic teal, when it’s released. I think I enjoy reading the names of the polishes as much as I enjoy admiring my nails. Sometimes, it really feels good to be wrong. [$12, Ginger + Liz]