What’s It Like To Be Madonna’s Kid? A Peek At The Life Of Lourdes Ciccone Leon

Madonna’s romances and breakups have always been front-page tabloid fodder, but the Material Mom has done an excellent job keeping her children’s lives private. Since her arrival 13 years ago, the world has seen little of her first child, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, other than in paparazzi photos. (Her father is Carlos Leon, a Cuban-American trainer.) Lourdes, who goes by “Lola,” is inching more and more into the public eye with her Macy’s clothing line, Material Girl, and her mega-adorable blog that’s developed a following by more than a few Frisky staffers. On her blog, Lola likes to share her made-up words — fabnosity! — and her favorite bands — My Chemical Romance. But don’t let the normal tween-y behavior fool you: Lola leads a pretty charmed life.

  1. Lola went to the Lycee Francais — the same French-language school that Maddox Jolie-Pitt briefly attended — on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Next year, she will be attending the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts. LaGuardia allows students to take classes in dance, drama, singing, and instrumental music. Famous graduates include Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Michelle Geller, Ana Ortiz from “Ugly Betty,” and the writer Erica Jong.
  2. Lola is fluent in French and is studying Spanish and Italian. She also started learning some of the Malawian language, Chichewa, when Madonna adopted her two youngest kiddies, David and Mercy.
  3. The family practices Kabbalah, a mystical type of Judaism, which was introduced to Madonna by her friend, actress Sandra Bernhard, after Lola’s birth. Followers wear red strings around their wrists to keep evil at bay and drink pricey bottles of blessed water.
  4. Even though Lola could take her mother’s chauffeur-driven Mercedes to school, she prefers to ride her bike.
  5. Lola exercises daily, takes dance lessons, and eats a macrobiotic diet of plant-based foots foods and little fish.

UPDATE: Thanks to my friend Brendan for pointing out that Lourdes does not, in fact, eat “plant-based foots.”

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