Women Choose Sexier Outfits When They Ovulate

Ladies, we now have one more thing we can blame on hormones emitted during our menstrual cycle — slutty sexy clothing choices. A new study from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management finds that during ovulation, women “dress to impress” and buy sexier clothing. Apparently, it’s an unconscious choice, but we are trying to look sexier than other nearby women so that men will notice us. Finally, an explanation for why I bought that embarrassingly tight, skanky jersey dress from American Apparel and why it seems like a good idea to wear it about once a month.

How did the researchers discover this?They had a group of ovulating women look at a series of pictures of “attractive, local women” and also at pictures of less attractive women who lived farther away and then had them choose clothing to wear afterwards; the ones who looked at the hot, local ladies then chose to wear much sexier outfits than those who didn’t. These findings seem logical enough. I mean, I already knew Mother Nature has programmed us to be hornier when we’re fertile; it makes sense that we’d unconsciously try to get others horny for us, too.

What is more interesting about the study, perhaps, is that researchers think this could have “practical implications for marketers.” What, are retailers going to require you to give out your menstrual cycle info along with your zip code now upon checkout? Will the Victoria’s Secret website ask you for your ovulation day when you make a purchase and then send you a catalog on the day your eggs drop? I mean really, how can marketers actually use this info?

And note to self: Figure out when you possibly ovulate and don’t go shopping those days. [Science Daily]