Will Chris Lambton Be The Next “Bachelor”?

I’ve still been tearing up every now and then thinking about the rainbow Chris Lambton’s mom sent him from the other side right after Ali Fedotowsky dumped him for Roberto in Bora Bora on “The Bachelorette.” My heart was bleeding for him with his hot tattoo of his mom’s signature. That made me think of my own mom and her theory about Chris—she is convinced that he is the perfect man for me. But then again, there’s a long list of famous guys my mom thinks are perfect for me. But I digress. Since the rainbow and his gracious reaction to national dumpage, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to meet my latest celebrity intended. But I may be too late.

Radar is reporting that Chris told his friends last weekend that ABC has asked him to be “The Bachelor” next season. He says he turned it down to be with his family. But insiders speculate that his story is a red herring to throw people off the scent that he’s already accepted the job of highly coveted hunk. Of course. And now 25 hot women in bikinis will be after him and our love will fade into obscurity. Damn you, ABC. Chris, look for me in rainbows. [RadarOnline.com]