Gift For Gab: The Best Comments For The Week Of July 30, 2010

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say? You crack us up! Each week in this column, we shout out to our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the internet. And you can get in on the action too. Tell us your favorite comments of the week below. odog in Tila Tequila Doing A Porno. Who’s Next?

“Please… don’t ruin pornography.”

PlasticSoul in Taylor Momsen: A Year In Thigh Highs

“How classy, keeping your pack of cigs in your tights.”

ACooper in Quick Pic: Joaquin Phoenix Reveals White Boy Dreads In “I’m Still Here” Poster

“Is it odd I find his homeless crazy man look mildly sexy?”

Cup Cake in Levi Johnston Wanted A Reality Show

“I feel bad that Bristol clearly wanted him to come through and be the man she needed and he turns out to be such a creep. Not that she’s blameless, it just sucks.”

JennK. in Jake Pavelka Swears He’s Not Gay On “The View”

“It seems so messed up that men are given a hard time if they jump every woman they see, but then if they don’t, their sexuality is questioned. As if only a gay man wouldn’t love sleeping with Vienna. Ugh!”

Vulpine in Star Couplings: Lily Allen Is Pregnant!

“‘Tori Spelling wants to try for a third baby in the near future, despite being what some call “sickly skinny.’

It even says in the article linked that ‘Maternal risks [due to excessive thinness] are few,’ If that is the case then nobody has any business commenting on her weight. 

As a very skinny girl myself, I would like to say we aren’t all ‘sickly.'”

mywittyscreenname in Frisky Q&A: Candace Cameron Talks Motherhood, Gymnastics & DJ Tanner

“As much as I loved Full House, I can’t help but to find Candace and her brother, Kirk, to be sort of insufferable. I’ve always thought Valeri Bure was a cutie, though.”

Phoenixx in Quotable: Julia Roberts Has No Use For Botox

“I read this and the first name that comes to me is Meg Ryan and how fast her career really went away from using botox.”

geminigirl in 8 Stars Who’ve (Bizarrely) Officiated Weddings

“I love the idea of having someone close to you perform the ceremony. It seems so much more personal and meaningful (at least for those of us who don’t have a religious figure we would ask). 

My best friend from college recently got engaged to a friend I’ve known since we were 14 and they asked me to officiate… I can’t wait! Now I get to tell people I’m clergy, which really only has the benefit of officiating ceremonies and great parking at hospitals.”

Lexington in Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Were “Little Performance Monkeys”

“You know, I hear about all these child stars complaining and turning into drug addicts, and I think it’s sad, but sometimes I wonder if the reason they think their childhood was so bad is because they are so far removed from reality.”

draymond in At The Boys’ Club: How Can You Tell If A Porn Star Is Faking It?

“Ok, let’s make this very simple:

Pornstars are acting. If a pornstar says that everything is real they are acting that they are saying that”

JaqAttack in Your Vagina Is Like A Shark

“This is actually awesome, I already call my period Shark Week, now I have even more of a reason to.”

ClickClick in Quick Pic: Keep Your Hands Off My Bikini Top, Please

“Mmmmhmmm Gropey severed hands are so hot.

Laurel in Girl On Girl: An Open Letter To Elisabeth Hasselbeck

“I was going to comment a similar thing. Women in their 20s/30s are much more likely to want to reproduce than a woman in her 40s and beyond. I think it’s entirely possible for that desire to make women attracted to men, actually, genuinely attracted to men (I’ve met several “former lesbians” who were gay from about 15-25, and then when they started wanting a family had a shift and found men attractive.) I think women’s sexuality is fairly fluid. It is possible to be 100% lesbian in your teens, have a change of heart and clit and be totally (or at least 90%) straight later in life, and then even to change back. 

Humans aren’t static things. I don’t think a woman who comes out at 50 was necessarily gay all along. (And I can’t imagine anyone takes Elisabeth Hasselback seriously–at least I hope not!)”

brandyalexander in Things In His House That Make Me Sad: A Clackity Dell Desktop Computer

“Dear people we’ve dated who were upset by our computers,

I am profoundly that my poverty offends you. It offends me, too. If I had a few hundred bucks on hand, I would buy a new one. Scratch that, I would buy groceries. Anyway, you get the idea.

Poor people”

TV Casualty in Girl Talk: When Does “Concerned” Become “Nosy”?

“Short answer: The second you start searching for clues instead of just asking questions. Disclaimer: Being nosy isn’t always bad. Without nosy people we would never have uncovered Watergate.”

Thank you for your comments.