And The Prize Goes To … The Worst Hair Removal Disaster Ever

Last week, we asked you to tell us your absolute worst, most disastrous hair removal tale of all time, in the hopes of winning the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System. Let’s just say that nearly every single one of the 100+ comments made me either laugh, cry out in sympathy pain, or shiver in, well, disgust. You people have gone to great lengths to remove your body hair. The stories were so unbelievable that I will be posting a roundup of the best next week, but for now, let’s get to our winner. Frankly, when I saw the words “big chunk of my labia,” I knew I had a winner. Find out which sliced-up reader won, after the jump. Heather_515:

“My worst hair-removal story is quite embarrassing, but I am sharing it is because I really want the TRIA. I am a light skinned, dark haired girl with a greater than average amount of hair on my body. I didn’t think there was anything “wrong” with that until I got to high school. Boys would make fun of me, call me “gorilla” and “teddy bear” because of the light brown fuzz on my lower back. It’s honestly not that bad, but I was fourteen and extremely shy and insecure, so it gave me a complex about the hair on my body.

When I started dating around sixteen, I eventually realized that if any boy was going to go “downtown”, I was going to have to tame my bush. Using one of those white and orange, single-blade Bic razors, I went to town. Everything was going just fine, until I got “deeper” into my bikini area. My hand slipped, and I sliced a big chunk out of my labia. It bled like crazy! After it stopped, I thought I could let it heal on its own. But the next day, in the shower, I realized that there was a hole almost an inch long that I could literally stick my finger into.

Horrified and embarrassed, I told my mom that I had “slipped getting out of the shower” and had her take me to the emergency room. I got a tetanus shot and three stitches in my hoo-hah. Sadly, that experience didn’t make me any less self-conscious about my body hair- just more careful about what razor I use to remove it.”

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