5 Celebrity Diaries That Fell Into The Wrong Hands

This week, Star magazine got its grubby little hands on Ali Fedotowsky’s diary from high school. They apparently read the whole thing to find the most scandalous material and uncovered that, at least back in the day, she smoked pot, took ecstasy, and drank lots of alcohol. They honed in on one diary entry where Ali described an ecstasy-fueled night. “It was really fun at first,” she wrote. “I went downstairs to sleep at 4:30 and sat there until 6:30. I was completely freaking out. I really thought I was supposed to die. I really thought I would… I was so scared.”

Divulging the contents of someone’s diary is, well, the lowest of the low. Here are other stars who had their diaries made public.

  • Last year, Britney Spears’ journals were stolen from her house and taken straight to the National Enquirer. The journals were written in her darkest days and supposedly say that she heard voices. Oh, and they reveal that “she believed that someone had planted an electronic bug in her hair and couldn’t think of a way to get rid of except to have her head shaved.” Allegedly, the journal also said that Britney threatened to kill her kids while on meth. But we don’t know whether to believe this one. [NY Post]
  • Someone tried to sell 12 of Madonna’s journals on eBay. The bidding had gotten up to $2.5 million when Madonna’s representatives contacted eBay and asked them to pull the auction. They obliged. [TMZ]
  • Anna Nicole Smith wasn’t as lucky. Shortly after her death, two of her diaries, written between 1992 and 1994, were sold on eBay for $512.5K. [TMZ]
  • During her three-year battle with anal cancer, Farrah Fawcett kept a diary, which she left to her friend, Alana Stewart, aka Rod Stewart’s ex wife. Alana decided to publish the diary and call it, My Journey With Farrah. Part of the proceeds went to cancer research, but still—something tells me that Farrah might not have been into that. [The Sun]