Woman Finds Photos On Facebook Of Her Husband Marrying Another Woman—Or Did She?


On Tuesday, Lynn France went on the “Today Show” to share what she calls the shock of her life. Lynn, a wife and mother of two, says that while checking Facebook, she came across photos of her husband … marrying another woman at Disney World. Lynn claims that she and John had a great marriage, but that she began to suspect he was cheating on her. She actually caught him with another woman, but he went back to her. Soon after, he left again—this time with the kids. Which is when Lynn saw the photos of him walking down the aisle with the same other woman as before. He’d posted the photos on Facebook himself.

Everyone was ready to dub John France the Worst Man Ever. Only, Lynn’s story might not be true.John France and his new wife went on “Today,” um, today, to defend themselves. John claims that he and Lynn have been separated for forevs, and that she was fully aware that he was getting remarried. As for why he didn’t divorce Lynn, John claims their marriage wasn’t legal. See what he had to say below.


Still, something just seems fishy here. And we gotta wonder why John is such a hot commodity that these good-looking, young women are fighting over him. He looks pretty fugs, and doesn’t come across as charismatic.

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