What’s Up With All The Sperm Donation Movies?

Last night, I saw a trailer for “The Switch,” which comes out August 20th. The rom-com is about two good friends, played by Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. Jennifer has decided to have a baby on her own and throws a party to celebrate her upcoming insemination. At the party, not only is Jennifer’s sperm donor there, but Jason’s character gets so drunk that, while in the bathroom, he pours out the sperm donor’s, uh, donation and replaces it with his own. This is the third big movie to come out about sperm donation in the past year. It also was once titled “The Baster,” which ewww, is not an image any of us needed. Both the Daily Beast and Slate XX have run stories recently about why sperm donation seems to be such a hot topic in pop culture at the moment. Pamela Ferdinand, who wrote a memoir called Three Wishes about her experience having a baby via sperm donation, notes that all three movies in many ways try to create a “normal” family out of a “fractured” one—in “The Switch” both Jason Bateman and the original sperm donor fall in love with Jennifer Aniston, in “The Back-Up Plan” Jennifer Lopez meets the love of her life moments after being inseminated, and in “The Kids Are All Right,” Mark Ruffalo wants to get to know his kids and soon shares a kiss with Julianne Moore, one of their lesbian moms. [Double X]

Jessica Shattuck, who wrote a novel called Perfect Life about a sperm donor who wants to meet his kids, focuses mainly on “The Kids Are All Right” and notes that Mark Ruffalo is slated to shoot an HBO pilot with a similar concept. She says that Mark is the perfect reflection of what we imagine sperm donors to be. In other words, 40-something Peter Pans who jerked off into a cup for $20 years ago to help buy video games. [Daily Beast]

So I’m wondering—which of these sperm donation movies have you seen? Which sounded totally insane to you? And is this a topic we want to see more movies and TV shows about?