“Real World”‘s Lowest Point Ev-ah: Cops Called Over Toilet Toothbrush Incident

It’s the “Real World” episode we’ve all been waiting for: somebody’s toothbrush is scrubbing the toilet.

If you haven’t been watching, a little background: Preston is the mellow black guy questioning his sexuality, Ryan is the uber-aggressive homophobic white guy who called Preston a “f****t.” (Ryan, by the way, is a hairdresser. Just sayin’.) These idiots are, like, 18 years old so they are handling their differences maturely. Ryan took Preston’s smokes, dropped trou, and rubbed the ciggies in his buttcrack. Meanwhile, Preston scrubbed the toilet with Ryan’s toothbrush … and peed on it. On last night’s episode, Ryan randomly decides to call 911 on his roomie and when cops arrive at the “Real World” manse, though their faces are blurred, you can tell they’re cracking up at the melodrama of it all. Preston isn’t arrested and the cops won’t press charges, but he is warned. Luckily he’s been (pun!) scared straight: “I have learned my lesson. That’s the last time I pee on someone’s toothbrush and let them find out.”

Um, HELLO? Can we talk about the real story here? Why didn’t someone from MTV do anything? Maybe the police didn’t think this was assault, but it would have been more than reasonable, in my opinion, to kick both of them off the show. These bitches must sign ironclad contracts not to sue.