Naomi Campbell Calls Blood Diamonds “Dirty-Looking Stones”

A “big inconvenience” in Naomi Campbell’s life got underway today. The supermodel testified at the Hague during the war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor. As you may know, Naomi wasn’t excited to be a witness at this trial. She refused to testify until she was subpoenaed. So how exactly did Naomi come to possess the alleged blood diamonds, and what did she do with them? Shooting daggers at everyone in the room, Naomi testified that in the middle of the night, two men came to her room after she had dinner with Nelson Mandela, Taylor, and others. Naomi said the two men gave her a pouch containing “dirty-looking stones.” She says she later found out the stones (or diamonds) were a gift from Taylor. Naomi says she gave the stones to Jeremy Ratcliffe, then head of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Ratcliffe denies receiving the diamonds.

As someone who has been focused on improving the conditions of poor people in Haiti and Africa, it seemed Naomi would realize it was her duty to testify against a man accused of killing thousands and employing child soldiers. But Naomi isn’t someone who enjoys being told what to do and expressed her annoyance at being forced to testify. She did make a valid point, though, saying her initial refusal was a result of her fear for her family. Taylor does seem like a scary man.

Now on to the more frivolous aspects of Naomi’s testimony: She pulled out her “responsible-looking,” Disney-style villainous hair today, and her evil eye necklace was a much more subtle eff off than Lindsay Lohan’s fingernail. [CNN, Dlisted]