I Can’t Be With Someone Who …

Over on Twitter right now, one of the trending topics is #Icantbewithsomeone, and people are giving all sorts of funny, honest and, of course, offensive, reasons why they couldn’t be with a particular person. It got me thinking about what would keep me from being with someone. Sure, I’m married and not looking for a new “someone,” but I couldn’t help but play along anyway. After the jump, 10 things that would keep me from dating someone. I can’t be with someone who:

  1. Types “U” instead of “you.”
  2. Makes racist, sexist or homophobic remarks.
  3. Refuses to get a passport.
  4. Doesn’t respect a woman’s right to choose … which side of the bed she wants.
  5. Drinks out of the carton.
  6. Quotes Leno.
  7. Puts ketchup on his eggs.
  8. Wants to wait ’til marriage.
  9. Calls his penis by name.
  10. Has a pet rat.

So, what are some of the things that would keep you from being with someone?