French Connection Now Brings You New Officewear Line, Pippa

Looks like “officewear” is becoming a thing. (Guess the fashion industry always needs new marketing tactics, right?) Not too long ago, Alexander Wang came out with an officewear line, which would have been an awesome substitute for the slightly blah wares from the Ann Taylors of the world were it not for the super high price points. (However, that’s Wang for ya. It’s to be expected.) Filling the gap between the high end and the extreme mass market now is Pippa, a work attire collection brought to you from the folks at French Connection. A Bloomingdale’s exclusive (but available online!), the line is filled with smart, tailored dresses, Chanel-inspired jackets, and tons of mix-and-match separates. The color palette, sticking to grays, blacks, and plums, might not be too exotic, but it’s understandable that Pippa would play it safe. We say: grab a few pieces and add your own flair to the outfit with splashy pumps or standout accessories. [Bloomingdale’s via Mondette]