Erin Andrews Talks Stalking On “Good Morning America”

Erin Andrews is a class act — that’s the takeaway from her first special contributor segment for “Good Morning America.” Erin’s six-minute spot explored a subject she is all too familiar with: women being stalked. Michelle was stalked by an ex-boyfriend for two years whose craziness escalated from phone calls saying he missed her to threats to kill her. Sara was stalked after a disagreement with a family member who called her hundreds of times a week for a whole year before law enforcement got involved. And Dawn, like Erin, was stalked by a stranger who preyed on African-American women. All the women share with “Good Morning America” how stalkers terrorized their lives — even Erin Andrews, who revealed she had a nightmare that the man who filmed her nude through hotel room peepholes ran up the stairs in her house.

I commend Erin for using this platform to press for stronger laws to protect victims of stalking. As all these women can attest, the typical cop refrain, “Something needs to happen first before we can do anything,” is the scariest sentence ever.