Levi Johnston Wanted A Reality Show

Least surprising Levi Johnston news ever: upon reuniting with Bristol Palin and declaring their surprise engagement on the cover of US Weekly, the fame whore from Wasilla pushed for a reality show. Bristol said hells no and kicked his Playgirl ass to the curb. (His concern that he’d possibly knocked up his ex-girlfriend Lanesia Garcia surely didn’t help.) “Bristol is heartbroken. She described texting him and getting no answer,” People magazine executive editor Betsy Gleick told “The Early Show.” “Then eventually she said Levi said, ‘Hey do you want to be on a reality show?” Bonnie Fuller, the editor-in-chief of HollywoodLife.com, also dished to “The Early Show” that the couple had an offer for $1.5 million for a reality show, but the catch was that they had to be filmed together. “There was no interest in just Levi on his own,” said Fuller. Oooh, burn! Instead, Levi plans to star in a music video for up-and-coming R&B star Brittani Senser and attend the Teen Choice Awards with her; Bristol has moved back in with her parents at the Palin homestead. Something tells me Sarah and Todd are polishing the ol’ shotgun to keep scuzzy ex-boyfriends off the property. [CBS News]