Oh Noes: Espadrilles For Men, The Latest Euro Import

New York magazine reports that “men’s espadrilles are having a moment.” Apparently, the style has been popular in European countries like France and Spain, and has now found a place with American retailers. Ordinarily, I would disregard this type of article and think that someone had noticed three guys wearing espadrilles and decided this is now a trend were it not for a conversation I had with my boyfriend just three days ago on the topic. (Full disclosure: he is French.) Boyfriend: Question. Espadrilles. In? Or kinda gay?
Me: In. You’ve seen my pair. They’re like platforms with the strappy things.
Boyfriend: No, I want a pair of espadrilles.
Boyfriend: Yes. My friend came back from Australia and he wore them. I think they look nice. Um, maybe … ?
Me: I forbid you from wearing male espadrilles.

So … maybe that’s just me. Would you be into your guy wearing espadrilles? [The Cut]