DJ AM Gets Sued By A Neighbor, Even Though He’s Dead

Isaac Toveg used to live next door to DJ AM, also known as Adam Goldstein. And Toveg claims that when he went outside, he’d often find a “gaseous foul odor and/or smell” coming from DJ AM’s yard. Toveg says that along with the horrible smell, he would have trouble breathing and would get sick to his stomach, and was diagnosed with helicobacter pylori. More recently, it was discovered that there was a broken sewer pipe on DJ AM’s property. Toveg says he can prove that the sewer pipe is at the root of his health problems. So he is suing DJ AM for $25K. Except that … well, DJ AM is dead.

As you’ll remember, he tragically died of a drug overdose—ironic since he’d completed a show called “Gone Too Far” in which he helped junkies turn their lives around. Toveg is aware of this situation, and so he is suing AM’s estate. A rep for the estate says, “I am sure that any issues regarding the drainage system or sewer pipes in the neighborhood are more of a city maintenance issue as opposed to a DJ AM estate issue … It’s ironic that this suit was filed so close to the year anniversary of Adam’s passing.” [Fox News]

I definitely feel bad about this guy’s health issues. But suing a dead man just doesn’t seem like the right solution. What do you guys think?