5 Actresses We Think Deserve To Be On Forbes’ Highest-Paid Actress List

Forbes released their annual list of “Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actresses” and despite it being a totally crazy year for her personally, Sandra Bullock earned bucket loads, topping the list with an estimated $56 million in the bank. Tied for second place were Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz with an estimated $32 million each. Jennifer Aniston ranked third with $27 million, which seems weird since it seems like she was in every (crappy) movie that came out. Sarah Jessica Parker pulled in $25 million thanks to the cornucopia of money that is “Sex and the City.” Rounding out the list—Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie who made a paltry $20 million each. [People]

I can’t even fathom this amount of money. And while I don’t think it should be necessary for anyone to make that much dough in a year, we thought of a few actresses who deserve to make even more.

  1. Betty White. This firecracker has been in the acting game for decades and since she’s getting long in the tooth, we’ve got to shower her with gifts, praise and roles! Plus, she’s got more sass and better comedic timing than any of the high-paid youngsters.
  2. Tina Fey. Not only is she a brilliant actor and comedian, she’s also one of the best comedy writers in the business. I don’t know what she’s getting paid to work non-stop making “30 Rock” totally hilarious, but they should double it since she’s undoubtedly the hardest working woman in comedy.
  3. Jane Lynch. “Glee” could probably exist without Jane Lynch, but it would be approximately 47 percent less funny. For her contributions to evil villains and laughing, Jane should be sleeping on a bed of bills.
  4. Meryl Streep. I don’t know how Streep didn’t make the list of highest-paid actresses, seeing as she is one of the most respected and well-loved ladies around. Her bank account should reflect the fact that she’s won two Oscars and been nominated 16 times!
  5. Christina Hendricks. The advent of “Mad Men” made it instantly more socially acceptable to be a curvy woman and a redhead. We have Christina to thank for that. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and plays the accordion—there should be a price to pay for that kind of perfection.

Who do you wish were the best-paid ladies in Hollywood?