Stacy London Has Style For Hire

“What Not to Wear” was my favorite show because Stacy London and co-star Clinton Kelly offered average American women, and some men, a wearable style that got them noticed without being over the top. They gave these women a starting point and an education on how to dress their bodies regardless of size or shape. Now, Stacy is offering her styling services without the humiliation of a television audience. She has teamed with friend and former apparel executive Cindy McLaughlin to launch Style for Hire, a sort of agency of stylists eager to take on America’s sartorially challenged. Stacy and Cindy will hand-pick, train, and certify their crop of stylists. There is a focus on teaching the clients to look at their bodies objectively and to dress them the best way possible, without, I imagine, any mumbo-jumbo like “I’ll care about my appearance when I lose weight.” Stylists will also vet their clients’ closets for unwearable items, will make outfits from what’s already in the closets, and will do personal shopping for their clients. But services are as expensive as a mini shopping spree. Services will cost about $100 an hour when Style for Hire launches in D.C. on Sept. 13. Stacy and Cindy have plans to go national — New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco — with Style for Hire. But at such a high price, one closet audit can last two to three hours, I suggest folks keep watching “What Not to Wear” reruns, keep reading The Frisky’s style section, and find a friend or relative who is honest and has a style they trust. [WWD]