Lauren Conrad Designing New Clothing Line “With Best Friends”

Lauren Conrad has announced that she’s starting a new clothing line with her best friends. Just to recap: Conrad has already dabbled in the fashion business when she created a line of jersey dresses a few years ago (that tanked) and, more recently, when she teamed up with Kohl’s to do a gently priced daywear collection. (It was cute … but wasn’t a runaway success.) “The Hills” star tells People, “This will be more specialty basics, more of a boutique line. It will be at a higher price point. It will be very different.” So what are “specialty basics”? Sounds kind of like high-priced jersey dresses to us, which we’ve already seen from L.C. And who are the “best friends”? Lo would be awfully dissed if she heard that and it turns out she’s not a part of the project.

Help us all? Or maybe this will be good? [People Style Watch]