Katy Perry Gets Russell Brand A Trip To Space For His Birthday

Katy Perry is officially the best birthday gift giver, possibly ever. For her fiance Russell Brand’s 35th anniversary of existence, she has bought him a trip to space. He’ll be making the voyage on the Virgin Galactic. After three days of astronaut training, he’ll be aboard the shuttle that will travel 365,000 feet into the atmosphere traveling much, much faster than the speed of sound. Russell and the other passengers will experience five minutes of weightless during the flight, and will be able to see 800 miles in any direction into space or towards the earth below. Katy didn’t buy herself a seat on the shuttle, too, but she’ll meet him on the ground for a big old party. (Hopefully, she’ll also get him Mary Roach’s new book, Packing For Mars: The Curious Experience of Life in the Void. I saw her on “The Daily Show” last night and she revealed that excrement can break lose and become a “floater.” Sure Russell wouldn’t want that.) Really, the only question here is when this is all going down since the Galactic is still in testing stages. Oh, and did I mention that this gift cost $200,000? [NY Daily News]