Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Arcade Fire To Autolux

This Tuesday is major! The third Arcade Fire album dropped today and it is awesome—not that there was any doubt. But that’s not all! Autolux takes mass transit; Wavves conquers the surf; Buckcherry still tells the ladies they go all night long; Dax Riggs digs his own grave; Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band delivers their message; and Freddie Gibbs kills it. So, get those headphones on because it’s about to get special after the jump!

Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
Gentler, older, as infectious as ever.

Wavves, King Of The Beach
Psychedelic surf pop made with a hipster twist.

Autolux, Transit, Transit
Rocks you gently with tracks like “The Science Of Imaginary Solutions.”

Dax Riggs, Goodbye To The World
A death knell never sounded so sweet.

Buckcherry, All Night Long
I can’t believe a band that had a hit single called “I Love The Cocaine” (a) is still alive and (b) is still rockin’.

Freddie Gibbs, STR8 Killa
Fresh rhymes you want to listen to, which is a hard thing to pull off when your single’s attitude and title is “F&^% The World.”

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, Where The Messengers Meet
A sophomore record packed with emphatic indie rockness.