10 Reasons Ali And Roberto Could Make It For The Long Haul

The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” have a terrible track record when it comes to couples staying together. From all 19 seasons, we’ve got … uh … two couples who tied the knot and are still together. But after watching last night’s “Bachelorette” season finale and “After the Final Rose” special, I found myself actually believing that Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez could make it for the long haul and become the next Trista and Ryan. Here’s why.

  1. Ali gave him the first impression rose. He was the one who stood out to her on the first night, and I like that her initial strong feelings stayed through the end. Proof that it is good to go on your initial instinct about people.
  2. She let Chris go before the final day. That really said it all to me. It wasn’t about her choosing between two guys—she knew who she wanted.
  3. The proposal was full of emotion. The final episode of this show usually rubs me the wrong way, because the guy usually gets down on one knee and gives a long speech that sounds totally contrived. Roberto’s proposal had both of them pouring out emotions. It seemed like he was talking on the fly and with all the kiss interruptions, he almost forgot to drop down on bended knee at all. Plus, did you see how much Roberto was sweating? He was for real.
  4. They’ve made a plan to be on the same page. I like that they are moving to a neutral third city, San Diego, and that they’ve already gotten a place together. They’ll both be starting fresh—so it won’t be that one person gets to continue their life as is while the other is uprooted. Plus, I appreciate that they say they’ve talked about the future—what both of them will do for work, children, etc.
  5. Rumor has it that they’d already met. They’ve never mentioned this on the show, but Us Weekly reported that in 2002, Ali was home in WIlliamstown, Massachusetts, while Roberto was playing baseball a few towns over. Some say they remember seeing Ali in the stands and another says that they remember Roberto talking about a girl who looks like Ali.
  6. Their chemistry was palpable. All season when these two got together it was hot, hot, hot. They also giggled a lot. Which is a goofy good sign.
  7. Their first kiss wasn’t contrived. It wasn’t about a sunset and swelling music. They were 20 stories up in the air on a tight rope and did it just because … they couldn’t help it. It was slightly awkward and sweet.
  8. Opposites attract. It’s an adage for a reason. She’s blond and all American-looking, while he’s tall, dark, and handsome. She’s all about the internet, while he’s all about baseball. She comes from a straight-laced New England family full of nurses and teachers, while he’ from a Puerto Rican family in Tampa. And can I just say that mixed ethnicity babies are always the cutest.
  9. Ali didn’t make the choice others told her to. All of Ali’s family members, with the exception of her papa, said that they saw her with fellow Massachusetts native Chris. But you could tell how she felt about Roberto when she was totally at a loss for words describing him to her parents.
  10. They’re united in Converse. Did you catch how on their first solo date they were both wearing them? Cute.

Maybe this is my optimism working overtime—I could be wrong. But I kind of hope I’m not. And if I am, Amelia is available. She told me to write that.