Do We Want To See “Catfish”?

The first time I heard about the movie “Catfish” was catching sight of its red splotch movie poster while waiting to see “Salt.” Outside of the title, the only other text read, “Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What It Is.” Secrecy really does seem to be the name of the game with this film. Now the first trailer is online. Critics who saw the film at Sundance are starting to proclaim how mind-blowing this “documentary” is, but refuse to say anything substantial about the plot, insisting that you have to go in unprepared. Some of them are suggesting you don’t even watch the trailer. Well, I watched it. Actually, I watched it a dozen times over the past half hour because I am desperately trying to figure out what it is. For those of you interested in seeing the trailer, you can find it after the jump. But those who want to remain clueless until the September 17th release date should stop here.

Critics are preaching that this a must-see for the Facebook generation, due to the dangers it reveals. It looks like it could be another “Blair Witch Project”-esque flick where audiences are meant to believe it’s real but know it can’t be. All I can say is if this movie ends with a girl in the woods screaming over a pile of rocks, I will be pissed.

What do you think the big “Catfish” twist could be, and do you think the secret will hold until September?