Today’s Lady News: Jessica Biel And Her Magical Half-Airbrushed Leg

  • Photoshop Disasters notices someone at Glamour UK forgot to finish airbrushing Jessica Biel’s leg. [Photoshop Disasters]
  • Brazil, an ally of Iran, has offered asylum for an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery. Although Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s sentence has since been downgraded to death by hanging, international human rights groups have been pressing Iran not to kill the mother of two. The United States has urged Iran to accept Brazil’s offer of asylum. [Guardian UK, AFP]
  • Erin Vaught went to the emergency room coughing up blood, but says she was refused help by Indiana’s Ball Memorial Hospital because she is transgender. [Queerty]

  • Children don’t necessarily suffer developmental setbacks when their mothers return to work, according to a new study out of Columbia University. The study found a mother’s employment during a baby’s first year had “neutral” consequences, citing the situation was best for a woman who earned a higher income and had access to higher quality child care. [Essence]
  • Phadera Marriot-Olsen of Tipton, Missouri, has been crowned Miss Wheelchair USA and will travel the country speaking about people with disabilities. She has been paralyzed since she was hit by a drunk driver in 1996. [Kansas City Star]
  • Meet Meryl Kelso of San Mateo, California, a rare female owner of a limo service. [San Francisco Gate]
  • Authors Meghan Daum, Emily Gould and Sloane Crosley on life as a female writer. [Guardian UK]
  • Bette Midler says there’s funny women on TV, but when it comes to movie roles, funny women are “mostly carrying coffee for the iron man.” [Female First UK]


  • Immigrant Nepalese maids and other domestic workers run from abusive employers in Kuwait to shelters and embassies. [New York Times]
  • The U.S.-based Center for Reproductive Rights has condemned the Philippines for its strict anti-abortion laws, which allegedly lead to 1,000 women’s deaths each year. CRR said that over half a million have sought abortions since 2008, usually by painful methods like abdominal massages or inserting objects into their uterus. [AP]
  • Ye Haiyan, a Chinese sex workers’ rights activist, was detained by police after she publicly called for prostitution to be legalized. Legalizing prostitution, Haiyan said, would help protect mostly female sex workers. [AP]
  • Kristy Fraser-Kirk, a publicist for Australian department store David Jones, is suing the business and its former CEO for $33 million dollars on grounds of sexual harassment. The disgraced CEO, Mark McInnes, quit in June after sexual harassment claims became public. He is accused of making sexual comments, putting his hand under her clothes and touching her bra, and urging Fraser-Kirk to try a dessert because it was similar to a sexual act. Fraser-Kirk said the company David Jones did nothing to correct her ex-boss’ behavior. [AFP]