Hear Lindsay Lohan’s Pre-Jail Single

Lindsay Lohan’s new single “Too Young to Die” leaked online earlier this month, proving that she was doing a little more than just weird photo shoots and missing alcohol education classes before she went to jail. Recently, songwriter Lolene spoke out about the tracks she penned for Lohan, including “Too Young to Die” and how the song’s biographical undertones aren’t accidental. In an interview, Lolene admitted that she wrote the single trying to get a message to Lindsay about the way she was living her life. “That song ‘Too Young To Die’ it’s really creepy because I felt her pain a lot and that’s why I wrote that and I really wanted to her to understand where she’s headed if she isn’t sorted out! It was really important for her to sing those lyrics,” Lolene said about the creation song. With lyrics like “I must be outta my mind and you could do some time, it’s true,” Lolene wasn’t being too subtle with her message, but she also seemed to be spot-on with where Lilo was heading—the slammer.

Now that Lindsay has been released, Lolene claims she has another new song waiting. “I have a great song with her called ‘Phoenix’ which definitely needs to be released when she comes out of jail because it’s all about rising from darkness,” she explained. Well, let’s hope Lolene’s predictive powers strike again, and that “Phoenix” will line up with Lohan getting a little self-made normalcy in her life. If I were going to write a song to help Lindsay along a life path, I think I would title it “Remember ‘Mean Girls’? Let’s Go Back To That” or “Move Where Your Dad Can’t Find You.” [Alex Kazemi]