Poop Coffee and Other Weird Foods That Cost Big Bucks

Some people are always complaining about how much chains like Starbucks charge for a simple cup of coffee. Well, these folks haven’t heard about “Kopi Luwak,” and luckily not too many coffee shops have either. “Kopi Luwak” is a special brew that costs $30 bucks a cup because of its one special stand-out ingredient: animal feces. The exotic Civet, a type of feline, is the chosen animal that has its poop percolated into cups of “Kopi Luwak.” The animal eats the coffee beans and once it excretes them, they are roasted and turned into the brew that can run over $400 a pound. It may sound like a load of crap, but some coffee shops are beginning to pick up “Kopi Luwak,” claiming it provides especially smooth brews. [Gothamist]

Read on to see what other ridiculous amounts of money people will pay for weird foods.

  • Bird Spit Soup. A Chinese delicacy, this is a soup made out of Swiftlet birds’ nests. Instead of making their homes out of hay and twigs, Swiflets predominantly use their own saliva to craft their nest. The nest can take the feathered friends 35 days to make and can only be harvested three times a year. These factors make this broth pretty pricey, with some bowls of the brew costing up to $100. I can’t decide if ordering a bowl of this soup would increase or decrease the chances of having your waiter spit in it. [BootsnAll]
  • The $1,000 Sundae. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, New York dessert makers Serendipity created their “Golden Opulence Sundae.” The treat features the best chocolate sauce, truffles, ice cream, and desert caviar (?) a thousand dollars can buy. The scoops are also decorated with 23-karat edible gold leaf and served in a golden dish with a Mother of Pearl spoon. Unfortunately, since this isn’t a theme park, sporting event, or all-you-can-eat special, you do not get to keep the dinnerware as a souvenir after completing this $1,000 feast. [Daily Olive]
  • The Diamond Fruitcake. If you’ve always dreamed about buying a diamond-encrusted fruitcake, you missed your chance. In 2005, a Japanese exhibit called “Diamonds: Nature’s Miracle” featured a fruitcake that was studded with 223 diamonds along with the typical dried fruits. The creation sold for 1.6 million dollars and probably still never got eaten. [TLC.com]
  • The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata. While the true price of the world’s most expensive omelet removes a few zeros, The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata will still cost you $1,000 dollars. Served at Le Parker Meridian Hotel in New York City, this breakfast creation uses six eggs, a whole Maine lobster, and a whole lot of caviar. If you want to scale down the size of the omelet, you can get a smaller version for $100. That way you will only be broke for the rest of the week, not the rest of the month. [NY Daily News]
  • The Blinged-Out Bagel. The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata shall not got uncontested as the world’s most ridiculously expensive breakfast food. A bagel at the New York Westin Hotel also touts a $1,000 price tag. The baked good features white truffle cream cheese and goji berry-infused gold leaf jelly. I will save $998 and just pretend my Smuckers jam and Philadelphia cream cheese is something a little more fantastic. [MostExpensive.net]