Frisky Staffers Reveal Their First Celebrity Crushes

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Jason Diamond over at admitted that he invited Mayim Bialik (aka “Blossom”) and Chelsea Clinton to his Bar Mitzvah. Young hearts, run free … and get greedy trying to have two bitches on their arm at their becoming-a-man fiesta. Well, I can totes relate. When I was a kid, I was torn between my love for The Count from “Sesame Street” and Pee-Wee Herman. And believe you me, I had enough love and TV time for both! Those were the days. Although, it’s kind of embarrassing to crush on a puppet. But now that I’m seeing them side by side, it’s clear I kind of have a type: pasty, dapper dudes with black hair and silly voices. Sounds about right, especially considering my adult celeb crush is Ira Glass. Some things never change! Anyway, this all got me wondering who the other gals around the office (and John “Mind Of Man” DeVore) hearted back in the day? Here’s who they said ….
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