Ask The Astrosexologist: “How Do I Reignite The Fire With My Aquarius Husband?”

I’m a Scorpio (11/3/79) and my husband is Aquarius (2/19/76). Even though our sex life was never fireworks, crazy monkeys swinging from the ceilings, we were at least consistent. Today, we are not. I love having sex, all kinds. I brought my fire to him and he seemed to get into parts of it. I brought out his inner grrrrrr when we were dating and we’d have fun having sex all over. We got married after dating for six months and now he doesn’t suggest anything. I don’t get a look, a touch, a hint or anything. One big problem is that I’ve never had to make the moves. I’ve always been pursued and I love it! I am more than willing to reciprocate and show the love, but getting there is another issue. I think about it all the time, but I’m not in the mood or get horny just sitting there. I’ve mentioned this to him before and asked if he doesn’t find me attractive or what … I cry thinking about all the amazing sex I’ve had and how it was always waiting for me. Now, I feel horrible about myself that I have to even ask for my husband to want to touch me. I’m 5’10 and a size 6. I’ve stayed beautiful for him, but on the inside I feel like dying. Help me! — Horny

Aquarius can be very hit or miss with sex and while it started out with more fire, obviously the settling in has taken its toll — this is a problem with Scorpio and Aquarius. As you are both fixed signs, you both won’t easily see eye-to-eye on many issues and sex is obviously where your point of contention is. Plus, this situation is also exacerbated by the fact many of his signs are air, as in Libra moon, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini, making him very flighty about most things physical. Meanwhile, you’re mostly fire, with the exception of an earthy Taurus moon. You have a Sagittarius Mercury and Venus and Mars in Leo — which makes you one hotbed of love who is ready at the drop of a hat and driven by spontaneous passion.

Not to say the novelty of your love connection with your baby is gone, but it will just take crazier and more innovative ways of lighting his fire, as he isn’t going to be intrigued by the same old, same old anymore. Air signs get bored easily and that means you’ll have to tease him and keep him on his toes: send dirty texts, buy toys, try new positions, do him up the butt and turn his mind on in new ways — because that is how air signs operate. They like to have their curiosity piqued. So, if that means showing leg, do it just a little and with a quirky twist.

Other suggestions could include role playing and adding new elements that work out his mind, not just his body. Surprise him, as in nabbing him when he comes in the door and then tying him up and having your way. Put your ego aside, as you may have to initially be the one who ignites the flames, but chances are he will follow, as it’ll intrigue him to add to the storyline you set up. It’s a small price to pay with your ego, but it can save you from the dreaded non-existent sex life you have now. Also, because he is mostly air, he would also be prone to being into a ménage-a-trois. So, if you are into that, it could be something else you can do — and don’t rule out another guy either, because Mars in Gemini men have a higher chance of being curious to jump the fence than any other Mars signs. Whichever the case, it’s not just about you looking beautiful, it’s about you being a tease who will unlock his libido again. So think creatively and go for it!

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