What Kind Of Shopper Are You?

It goes without saying that every single person shops for clothes differently. While I loathe purchasing anything online and would rather pick up one or two pieces every week, I have friends who order by seasons, other friends who shop on a monthly basis, and a boyfriend who needs to seriously be in the mood to buy. WSL Strategic Retail did a little survey in order to come up with the different shopping styles, and came to the conclusion that the entire world fits into only five different categories. Read on to find out what kind of shopper you are.

  1. Shop-a-Lot Sue makes up 21 percent of the world and clearly loves to shop. Her income in the mid-five figures has limited her ability to buy brand-name items, but she’d rather shop smarter than quit shopping altogether.
  2. Miserable Mona rounds out 18 percent of the population and has become depressed about the current financial woes. Like Sue, her income is in the mid-five figures, but she’d rather not shop than have to think about the fact that she can’t afford what she wants.
  3. I’ll Pass Patty is 20 percent of the world’s shoppers and just doesn’t care about buying things. Despite her higher than average income, almost six figures, she’s all about convenience and would rather shop online because rummaging through the racks feels like a chore as opposed to a joy.
  4. Bubble Barbie makes up 24 percent of the world, with an average income of $72,000, and seems to have her head in the clouds. She’s one of the many enticed by new products and she still spent money during the recession despite any economic woes.
  5. Chic Chic Charlotte encompasses 17 percent of the world and has a high household income in the low six figures. She hasn’t been affected by the recession, but while she loves to shop, even she is worried about going overboard.

Which category do you fit into? [WWD]