What Are “Carrot Pants”?

When we came across the term “carrot pants” on a Kansas-based website, we thought maybe it was just what they call harem pants out there. But no, turns out Kansas is quite up on their fashion knowledge. We didn’t know about carrot pants before. Although now that we do, we kind of wish we didn’t. According to KansasCity.com, they’re “shaped like a carrot, wide at the top and tapered toward the bottom – rather like harem pants, but not as baggy.” So, basically, they’re kind of like tapered mom pants? You may be seeing more and more of this style come fall … think it could be made cute? (Even we have to admit, there are a lot of things we once said we would never wear, and here we are now with a closet full of crop tops and clogs.) [KansasCity]