If Dating A Narcissist Never Bothered You Before, Maybe It Will Now

Believing that you’re better than others can be good when you’re modest about it and don’t get carried away. An abundance of self-confidence can help you stand firm against criticism and lead you to success. Yet, just like anything else, narcissism is only good in moderation.

People who are completely narcissistic and totally obsessed with themselves deal with something called narcissistic rage, anger they express whenever they feel threatened or criticized. Narcissists have very little empathy, feel entitled, and have a delusional self-image, which all lead to aggressive behaviors. Apparently, narcissists will unleash their anger and rage on the people in their lives who are closest to them, and oftentimes that’s a straight woman. A study done by psychologist Dr. Scott Keiller from Kent State University says that a male narcissist’s girlfriend or wife suffers more from his anger than anyone else he knows. Heterosexual women get the most of a narcissist’s rage, rather than other heterosexual men, gay men, and lesbians in his life. Women get this reaction and aggression because “they are crucial players and even gatekeepers in men’s quests for sexual pleasure, patriarchal power, and status.” A male narcissist feels the need to dominate a woman to prove his superiority, status in the relationship, and patriarchal and sexual power.

Dominance and aggression are never healthy in a relationship, and often lead to emotional abuse and even physical abuse. These qualities are not easy to notice, particularly when cockiness and confidence are confused with narcissism. Not only are dominance and aggression difficult to notice at the beginning of a relationship when puppy love has set in, but these qualities are also almost impossible to change.

They say, when we’re angry or upset we always take it out on the people closest to us, but this is by no means a way to justify a narcissist’s aggressive behavior. If dating a man who is completely and utterly obsessed with himself never bothered you before, maybe after reading who will bear the brunt of his aggressive tendencies, it will. [Science Daily]