Beauty Test Drive: Marc Jacobs Bang Eau De Toilette Spray

It’s not every day that we test products for men here at The Frisky. But Bang is Marc Jacobs’ first masculine fragrance in almost 10 years, so I had to jump at the chance. Plus, did you see how hot Marc looked in the Bang ad? Apparently, this scent is so special that he had to star in the ads himself because no other model would do. So do I like Bang? Yes. But what exactly does it smell like? Keep reading to find out. Plus, learn how you can win a bottle of Bang and more Marc Jacobs products.With a name like Bang, you’d think the scent would slap you in the face. And it does, but it’s a good teasing, come hither slap. Bang is a powerful fragrance as it has notes of black, pink, and white peppercorns and “hypnotic elemi resinoid and aromatic benzoin meld with vetyver” (basically, very masculine woody scents). White moss and patchouli finish out the ingredients. It’s kind of strange, but Bang has paradoxical elements. On the one hand, the spicy and woody scent is very noticeable and sensual, but then on the other, it’s really subtle. I wore it a few times this week and would catch faint whiffs of Bang when I moved my wrists or neck. I thought that with all the ingredients that it would be overpowering, but I was wrong. The patchouli also adds a bit of comfortable warmth and familiarity to Bang, so you’ll swear you’ve smelled something similar before. All in all, I like Bang (and the gorgeous work-of-art bottle), but it’s not for everyone. There will be men and women who love smelling and wearing Bang, but there will also be those who aren’t too impressed.

The fun doesn’t stop at smelling Bang, though. In celebration of the fragrance launch, Marc has unveiled the game “Bang, You’re It” on Facebook. Similar to playing tag or poking someone on FB, “Bang, You’re It” lets you win prizes, Marc Jacobs fashions, Bang, etc., for connecting with your friends. You get extra points when you get banged after midnight or from a foreign country. A few selected winners are picked daily based on the points they’ve racked up. And the grand prize is an invitation to one of Marc Jacobs’ upcoming fashion shows. With an awesome prize like that, we can’t be mad if you hop over to play “Bang, You’re It” for a few moments. [$55 for 1.7 oz, $75 for 3.4 oz, Bloomingdale’s]