My Two Cents: 10 Ways To Have Free Fun This Summer

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t have the means to jet off to your dream destination this summer, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of things to do closer to home that cost absolutely nothing. After the jump, check out 10 things you can do that won’t strip you of your spending money. Tap into your city’s natural resources and enjoy!

  1. Camp Out In Your Living Room: If you’re taking a few personal days, catch up on your favorite TV series, watch “Friends” re-runs, or a pick up a show you’ve been meaning to watch. We’re seriously considering watching all three seasons of “Breaking Bad” starting this weekend. It’s a great way to veg out and relax, and no one will be there to judge you for watching “Lipstick Jungle.”
  2. Picnic In The Park: Pack a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grab a friend and go to a nearby park for a picnic in the sun. You’ll get some fresh air, a tan, and might even meet new people.
  3. Go To The Beach: What’s summer without some quality time in the sand and surf? Public beaches are free. Take a walk on the boardwalk or read your a novel on the shore. It doesn’t get more relaxing than that.
  4. Make Time For Your Family: Head home for a hot meal and family bonding. Your parents will be so happy to see you, you’ll feel so loved, and they’ll most likely cover the bill, too.
  5. Get Up And Out: Call up your girlfriends, get dressed up, and go to Ladies’ Night at your favorite local bar. The drinks are free, and flirting is, too.
  6. Browse The Books: Who doesn’t hog the huge arm chairs for hours at Barnes & Noble, and why not? They’re so comfortable, and they give readers the means to get lost in books from the travel section, bestseller’s list or old classics. Better yet, go to the public library. You can check out books for free, remember?
  7. Get In Touch With Your Inner Child: Roaming around the neighborhood was a great adventure as a kid, and it still can be. Get your old bicycle out, fly a kite or go rollerblading. Shaking up your routine with activities like these can make you feel like you’re having an entirely new experience even if you’re stuck in town.
  8. Culture Yourself: Most cities have street fairs and summer concerts going on. Planetariums, museums and national parks might offer free days or special programs throughout the summer. Check your local listings for art festivals and other free events.
  9. Volunteer Your Time: There are plenty of rewarding ways to give back to the community, and if you can’t afford a vacation, why not donate your free time to another cause? Pick something that interests you, and dedicate yourself to it. You’ll reap benefits while helping others, too.
  10. Get Busy: Sex is free, entertaining and good for your health. Relieve some stress and enjoy yourself by hooking up with your partner or summer romance.