All About Matt Long, The Newest Ad Man On “Mad Men”

Was anyone else wondering about Joey Baird, Sterling Cooper Draper Price’s latest hire? You know, the cute, new copywriter doing all of that “John and Marsha” business with Peggy Olson? I did a little stalking research on the newest employee, uh, actor. After the jump, what we know about Matt Long of “Mad Men” so far.

  • He’s married. Don’t even bother drooling over this 30-year-old Kentucky boy. He’s hitched to his college sweetheart, Lora Chaffins. They met at Western Kentucky University and tied the knot in 2005.
  • He’s an outdoorsman. When he’s not busy on set, Matt loves to hike and backpack and even thought about being a professional guide.
  • He’s not new to the acting game. You may have seen him with Amanda Bynes in “Sydney White” or Mischa Barton in “Homecoming.” Or you might recognize him from the WB series “Jack and Bobby,” in which he played a young Jack McCallister. Or maybe you recognize him from “Ghost Rider,” where he co-starred with Nicolas Cage.

We hope to report many more new details soon.