We Heart Goths In Hot Weather

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It’s 90 degrees here in New York. And while I’m typing this in my underpants with a fan pointed directly at me, some people are so dedicated to their fashion they will settle for nothing less than goth. I literally just saw a dude walk by wearing a top hat, a purple ruffly satin shirt with a jewel pinned cravat, a black buttoned jacket, and white face makeup, but that’s not even the best part; the prince of darkness and polyester had chopped his suit so it was sleeveless on top and shorts on the bottom. Amazing! Goths are so committed. Just look at these three, out and about for a mere value meal. Man, their unflinching dedication to their lifestyle really made me realize that I don’t believe in anything as much as they love Hot Topic! Sigh. Since, I’m one sweaty bitch, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear tights, even if they are ripped, around town in July. But that won’t stop me from paying my seasonal respects to Goths In Hot Weather. Here are some of my favorite pics from the site this year. Spoiler alert: Obama is in one!
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