The Long Island Lolita To Star In 4 Porns

The only thing more messed up than getting famous for sleeping with a married man is getting famous for sleeping with a married man and then shooting his wife in the face. This is the story of Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita who fell in love with Joey Buttafuoco when she was not of age and tried to take out his wife Mary Jo in 1992. After spending seven years in prison, getting married and having three kids, Amy has been signed to Dreamzone Entertainment to produce and star in four porn movies. And America is going to watch them because we’re that messed up. Amy released an amateur tape in 2007 which sold more than 200,000 copies and more recently released a pay-per-view porn featuring girl-on-girl action “so her husband won’t get jealous.” Her first movie will be released later this year and is called “The Making of Amy Fisher: Porn Star.” The plot line allegedly goes something like this: “Amy moves to LA to ‘explore the possibilities’ of becoming a porn star. Amy meets a guy, has sex with him. Amy meets a girl, has sex with her. Amy meets two other people, has sex with them. Amy goes back to Long Island.” Maybe the next one will be Lolita-themed and we can watch them cross that line?

Of her new career, Amy said, “Our society loves sex. It feels so good and we should enjoy it. Sex is beautiful, powerful, and simply put, no one has the right to tell me what I can or can not do with my own private parts.”

Isn’t that how she got in trouble the first time? I mean, I know we’re supposed to welcome reformed criminals back into society so they can start their lives, but this woman is famous for shooting another woman in the face and now America wants to see her naked. I’m not saying she should keep to herself, raise her kids and try not to mess them up any more than they will be inevitably, but yeah—wait, that’s exactly what I’m saying. This isn’t just upsetting for society; this must be devastating to children who’ll already eventually find out that their mom’s an attempted murderer. I’m so disgusted at what fame has become. Also, on an unrelated note, what’s with her eyebrows? [Radar Online]

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