Oksana Grigorieva Left Mel Gibson After A Placenta-Burying Ceremony. Huh?

A month after the nasty altercation between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva on January 6th—the one where Mel allegedly punched her twice, breaking her teeth, and threatened to kill her, their baby, and her son—things between the two actually seemed to be going OK. On February 18, the two were getting along for a placenta-burying ceremony honoring their daughter, Lucia. Supposedly, during the ceremony in the backyard, Oksana smiled at the gardener, which sent Mel into a rage. Oksana left and he proceeded to call her 30 times over the course of one night. He left her eight lunatic messages, including one where he dropped 23 f-bombs. [Huffington Post]

Because we can’t stand thinking about the scary abusive details anymore, let’s explore the other angle to this story—what the heck is a placenta-burying ceremony?So, apparently, it is an aboriginal custom in Australia to bury a baby’s placenta. (This is a thing in many other cultures as well, though with varying customs and meanings.) The placenta is considered to be a baby’s companion and is kept in a covered pot until the burial ceremony. Generally, the placenta is buried at the base of a tree. Or a tree or bush can be planted over it, which is how Mel and Oksana decided to do it, to honor the baby. Mel has apparently done this ritual for all of his kids.

And Mel isn’t the only celeb to bury a placenta—Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves did it, too. McConaughey said he’d seen a tree in an orchard in Australia where women had planted their babies’ placentas. “[It was a] huge behemoth of just health and strength, growing taller and stronger above the rest of Mother Nature.” So after they had their son, they decided to bury the placenta there, too. “It’s going to be in the orchards and it’s going to bear some wonderful fruit,” he said.

What do we think of this tradition?

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