Is Calling Someone Fat More Motivational Than Calling Someone Obese?

An article by a health reporter for BBC news stated, “according to England’s public health minister, Anne Milton, general practitioners and other health professionals should tell people that they are fat instead of simply calling them obese. ” Getting people motivated to lose weight isn’t easy, because putting it on is a lot easier than getting it off. Losing weight also takes a lot more time and effort than it does to put it on. Many people feel helpless at a certain point because rapid results are not easily achieved.

Professor Lindsey Davies of UK Faculty of Public Health said, “People don’t want to be offensive. There is a lot of stigma to being a fat person.” Let’s be honest here, regardless of how fat we are, we never want to hear it. Being fat, especially in the society we live in, is looked down upon, judged and definitely not something many people embrace. With the social views upon being fat, why would anyone want to be called it? “Using ‘fat’ may encourage people to take more personal responsibility”, states Anne Milton. People have personal responsibilities, and their health is certainly one of them. Being fat, obese, overweight, whatever you call it it not good for your health and should definitely be taken care of and maintained. With the numbers of obesity sky rocketing throughout the world, especially here in the United States, would stigmatizing those who are overweight be too painful or simply a way to motivate people to regain their personal responsibility and get healthier?

According to the article from the BBC, the term obesity comes from the Latin original word of obesus which can be translated to intensive eating. While not all ‘fat’ people are ‘obese’, being clinically overweight is not healthy by any means. Health officials may be a bit harsh by encouraging the word ‘fat’ rather than the word ‘obese’, however, one must take extreme actions to get to extreme results. Losing weight is not easy, and it takes serious motivation and dedication from both health officials and patients.