Girls Ruin Everything For Boys

Here’s the thing. All Geoffrey wanted to do was have a good time at the zoo. Since Geoffrey is only four, you wouldn’t think that would be too much to ask. Unfortunately, the universe was not working in Geoffrey’s favor on zoo-trip day, and everything went to hell in a hand basket faster than you can say, “Pull my cart.” Here’s what Geoffrey endured: the zebras, the giraffes, and then he “wasted [his] time to see the lions, the pumas, and the bears.” All thanks to some so-called “friends” and the evil Mama and Papa. “I really wanted to make this day good,” he asserts. Here’s the rub: he was forced to see the “gentle animals.” So what, pray tell, non-gentle animals did Geoffrey want to see and was denied? The notoriously violent otters, apparently. As it turns out, some little girl named Harmony is to blame for this travesty. I feel for Geoffrey. I really do. Stay strong, little man. [Urlesque]