First Look: Betsey Johnson’s Eloise-Themed Suite For The Plaza

At long last, the Plaza Hotel has opened up its Eloise-themed suite designed by Betsey Johnson. The New York Times has the scoop: It’s done up in two-toned pink stripes, has custom fabric with Eloise-y phrases (“Charge it, please”), a princess-like bed, and a few dolls and toys. It will only cost you about $1,000 a night, and “to add an adjoining room for grown-ups, the nightly rate begins at $2,045.” For grown-ups. At least kids still get the under-12 discount.

All in all, the room sounds a bit like walking into Johnson’s mind (in fact, we’re not sure the decor differs that much from her stores). To get an idea of what goes on in Betsey’s head, check out this portion of the interview:

So were you familiar with Eloise growing up?

No, unfortunately. I look terrible talking. In the little town of Weatherfield, N.J., nobody I knew was in that New York Eloise realm. We were in a little farm town. Oh, look at the lampshade, it’s so cute. The carpet looks amazing, amazing, amazing.

We guess that’s how creative brains wor—ooh, did you see that bedding? Amazing, incredible, cute! [New York Times]