10 Summer Flings To Remember

In the heat and frivolity of summer, emotions fly high and love affairs are born. A summer fling burns a lasting memory in our hearts and minds. After the jump, women share their passionate, sometimes sweet and often heart-breaking memories of their summer flings. While no summer fling is the same as another, these women agree on one thing: they have no regrets for taking a chance on love, no matter how fleeting it was. Share your summer fling memories in the comments.

“My first summer fling was when I was around 18 years old. I met this Scottish, hippy, blues player and was instantly smitten. We spent days and evenings playing, writing and listening to the blues. He was one of those guys who every girl wanted to date and every guy wanted to be. We enjoyed our time together for the duration of the summer. At the time, I was living it up and hoping it would never end. I woke up one morning to learn that he had hopped on a bus and left for Michigan, never to be seen or heard from again. That’s the blues I suppose.” – Alexandra, Frederick, MD

“My family and I were visiting Greece, staying in a cottage near the sea. In a neighboring cottage, four Greek boys were vacationing. Tan and muscled, my Adonis first looked at me with long deep glances from his cottage doorstep. Soon we ended up spending nights cuddling and kissing on the beach as we made up names for the stars in the gorgeous sky above. I tried so hard to keep my nighttime secret — how I climbed out of my bedroom window to see Adonis. But somehow my Dad figured it out and we were back in Athens before you could list all the Gods and Goddesses sitting on Mount Olympus.” – Jennifer, Rapid City, SD

“I was on a class trip to Washington, D.C., when one of the popular boys started to notice me. I was so excited and we stole little moments to ourselves whenever we could. As a result of this new relationship we started dating shortly after we got back and continued to date for about six months.” — Hope, Galesburg, IL

“We were 12. He was adorable. He asked me out at the last school dance of the year. We spent the summer going swimming, going to movies and amusement parks. We kissed like adolescents do. He broke my heart when he ended it all before school began again. But I still remember him and my innocent first love.” — Heather, Londonderry, NH

“My most memorable summer fling was with an artist, at the height of sweaty summer in a rural town. We both worked at the same store, and we often found reasons to be in each other’s departments. He invited me over to see his paintings in the barn where he kept his studio, a cliche, I know. We shared a steamy night together in the hay. Our summer fling didn’t last long, when a leggy brunette was hired to work in his department and piqued his interest. No regrets here.”– Maura Andrews, Amherst, MA

“My most memorable summer fling started Aug. 15, 1997. I met him on the internet. We became friends and emailed back and forth for several years. He was passing through for a visit while moving to California on that August day. We got together, and he ended up moving to Arizona to live with me instead. The fling ended on Aug. 15, 2002 when we made the fling official and were married. Eight years later and we are still going strong.” – Rhonda, Phoenix, AZ

“I went to the popular beach, Belmar, in New Jersey by myself and didn’t want friends to bother me. My whole reason was to spend a whole week relaxing and tanning in the sun. Then some cute Italian guy named Bernardino approached me while I was basking in the sun. He asked me to come down to a party he was having and I agreed. I broke the ice by making the first move by kissing him. Of course, one thing led to another. It ended with me breaking it off, but I’d have to say it was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had, even to this very day.” – Hillary, San Francisco, CA

“I only had one summer fling that I can recall, so I suppose if there were others, they weren’t very memorable. I was 17 and spent the entire summer with this great guy. We went everywhere together — walks, movies, you name it. But it had to end when I found out he was doing the same thing with two other girls. I still don’t know how in the world he managed the time because we spent an awful lot of time together. He was a great person, except for the cheating. That’s a no-no in my book.” — Lyn, Denver, CO

“I had my own television show once, a local home shopping show. The owner of the TV station had always been after me to be his love interest. I had no romantic interest in him. However, when I became a regular at his station, I met his brother. His brother was a knockout and a hunk of major proportion. We became attracted to each other immediately. We were inseparable for months. He had to relocate to another city for career reasons. Our romance began instantaneously and ended the same.” – Malina, Gulf Coast, FL

“Most memorable summer fling was with my first, real boyfriend. His name was Devin and he was a freshman in college and I had just finished my junior year in high school. I met him when a group of friends invited me to join them at a local teen dance club that was the hangout in the summer. Devin asked me to dance and I was just giddy because he was interested in me and I thought he was so cute and unbelievably cool. He asked for my number and we started dating. We dated that whole summer, but in September, after school started again, he dumped me for someone else. I was crushed, but I got over it. I’ll never forget that summer of first love.” – Tammy, Marion, IL