Get Ready For The New “September Issue”

Vogue isn’t the only magazine that’s ready to let the video cameras into their offices it seems. Apparently W had a bit of “September Issue” jealousy and, in turn, decided to create their own documentary marking the first September issue under brand-new editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi. Given the circumstances — monumental issue, major re-design, and new staff — the film is sure to be full of drama. We’re hoping for the juicy details about what it’s really like to work under a new regime while producing the largest issue of the year. Even though the official focus of the documentary is the creation of the latest issue, if this film is anything like “The September Issue,” we’re counting on the fact that a major personality will steal the show, just like Grace Coddington. So far the release date is set for late October, just in time to peruse the glossy and then prep for all the behind-the-scenes secrets. []